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The Office employs seven lawyers, assisted by a supporting team, each person with its own specialty and responsibility. The office is situated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the South of the country. Our activities spread out over the whole country.

Besides Dutch three languages are spoken fluently: English, French and German, which makes direct communication possible and enables us to offer our services to international clients in a simple and effective way.

Our goal is to achieve, in consultation with our client, the best solution possible. High quality, a long term experience, seven devoted lawyers and the devoted supporting team are our assets.

We prefer advising. We favour negotiations and mediation. We ensure judicial representation to our clients.


We will assist you with our skills: advising, mediation, litigation. Naturally, we do this to the best of our ability and focussed on the specific case and the specific client. We consult on what is possible and what is not, on opportunities and risks, strategy, tactics and legal techniques, both in business and private matters. We like to do this because we love our profession!

Civil law: contract law, commercial law, land law, landlord and tenant law, labour law, personal injury, family law and inheritance law.

The world is becoming larger and we too are looking across the borders and have many business relations and business abroad, particularly inGermany,BelgiumandFrance. If we miss the necessary knowledge or think that someone else can do a better job, we have an extensive network of attorneys, notaries and tax advisers with whom we shall cooperate together on that specific issue or case.

Finally: if you are satisfied with us and our service, tell others; if you are not, let us know, because we want to learn every day from every situation.

We advise, look for a solution and litigate. We are a small firm, geared to provide personal services.


We charge by the hour between € 150 to  € 250 exclusive of VAT, disbursements and a 5% office costs supplement, depending on the importance and the complexity of the case. Every lawyer has a basic hourly rate, from which we do not generally deviate. We also work on a pro Deo basis, if there are terms for such.

We shall bill every month or every quarter or after a submission in proceedings, a court session or other substantial time expenditure. In addition, we shall bill the disbursements we are charged by third parties, such as bailiff fees and court registry fees charged by the court. In the event we work pro Deo, we will bill the own contribution to the fee and the own contribution to the court registry costs. Timely payment – within 14 days – of our invoices by the client is a basic condition for a good working relationship. If timely payment is not made, we have the right to halt or suspend the activities until payment has been made.

As lawyers we are bound and wish to be bound by the Attorneys Act and the Code of Conduct for Attorneys. You can find this code on


Should you have any question, like consultation or want to outsource a case, please contact:

Hanneke van Haarlem
+31 73 613 23 18

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